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Q27. Is “al roqqya” “tawqifiya” like other acts of worship or does it undergo experimenting as Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the “Hadith” “Show me your roqqya and there is nothing wrong with it as long as there is no “Shirk” and what is thQ11. Does the trace on the door handle remain despite the number of hands that touched it or its age?Q3. What are the ways of accusing someone of being a “A’ain”?Q22. “Hadith” Othman Ibn Aby Al A’As” when Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) hit his chest and told his Shaytaan “Begone God’s enemy” indicates the use of power during the”roqqya” and your “roqqya” is intended to heal this body and the guidancQ16. What is the reason that some of the “roqa’a” fail to treat certain patients and what’s your comment on doctors that deny the effect of roqqya to treat diseases like fractures and say that fractures can only be treated with casts?Q21. Some “roqaa” get tired in the process of reading the “roqyaa” so they may start yawning or belching then tells the patient that you have “Al Ain” because I yawned or belched to what extent is that true?Q19. How do we prevent “Al Ain”Q2. How is a trace taken? And does it help if “Al A’ain” is known?Q18. Is drinking a trace from “Al A’ain” enough or must the person wash himself with it?Q29. “Imam Ibn Hajr” said that “ Al Aen” can come from a friend or a righteous person. We would like you to explain this statement and is it required from every “A’ain” to be a “Hasid” and can it come from a close friend or relative even

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